New Month, March On!

Am I the only one or does it feel like time shrunk and two months didn’t just happen? Well, they did and prepared or not, we’ve marched into March.

I like new seasons. They reawaken a sense of hope and a psychological separation from whatever happened in the outgoing era. And we all love (and need!) a fresh start ever so often.

So as March begins today, I encourage you to do the following exercises:

1. Be grateful. It’s a new month, a fresh opportunity. Be thankful- for life, good health, family and friends, your job (I’m serious), lessons learned and everything in-between.

2. Remember your wins. It may take some reflection but you’ll find at least one thing you did in the last 29 (or 60) days to be proud of. Look at it again. Smile as the memories resurrect. Enjoy the experience all over again. Don’t camp there though; move on to the next exercise.

3. Reposition for better results. I think if we all paid more attention to the trajectory of our lives in chunks of weeks and months as they go by, we wouldn’t be so shocked at the end of the year about the results (or lack thereof). What adjustments do you need to make? Already slipping on some new habits? Forgotten your goals already? It’s time to get back on track. Revisit those documented plans and goals. Some would rather watch two complete seasons of *insert your favorite series* than embark on this exercise. It may feel hard but you can do it. Start with simple questions.

How can you move closer to them? Do you need to be more aggressive? More tactful? Manage your time better? Make those calls that weaken your stomach? Ask for advice when you’d rather not? Excuses are cheap. Making adjustments is the real deal.

The month is a fresh canvas-go paint yourself a masterpiece. Welcome to March!

Live by Design.


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