[Grow360 says]: For best results, read this post OUT LOUD to yourself. It may just be in a whisper but let it come out somehow.

I’m going to change. More than that, God is going to help me change. He is helping me grow and be a better person. My past ended a minute ago and I’m looking ahead to new beginnings and a new hope in all God is.

I’m going to be kinder and less critical. I’m going to be less vocal and listen more. I’m going to talk Jesus to every single person I meet.

I’m going to be more joyful and not operate so much on emotions and circumstances. I’m going to claim God’s blessing in my life and let him work a miracle in me.

I’m going to smile and see Jesus in every face I meet. I’m going to stop and think before I open my mouth in order to ensure my words are uplifting, loving, compassionate and forgiving.

I’m going to share and give to those in need. I’m going to find joy in my life regardless of what happens or why.

I’m going to try harder to understand nothing is impossible for those who believe God is all He promises He will be. I’m going to spend more time with those I love and to keep a promise when I make one. I’m going to remember and practice prayer. It is, after all, my chosen time to spend time with my Saviour. I’m going to pray for the leaders of this nation depite disagreeing with them. I cannot change anything but God can change everything.

I’m going to be more tolerant, open-minded and more understanding. I’m going to remember all things are possible through God who loves me.

I’m going to sit quietly and listen when others need a shoulder to lean on. I want to be supportive, sympathetic and encouraging to the cross others carry and not be so critical and judgemental. I’m going to try and grasp that I’m never too old to learn something new and remember that God works in unusual and strange ways. I’m going to be receptive and approachable and try to remember that we are all works in progress.

I’m going to be more forgiving and hopefully, with God’s help, I can put it all behind me and learn from every single thing that happens. I’m going to remember I’m not perfect but through God I can do all things.

I’m going to change. Thank goodness God considers me a work in progress. I know I have a ways to go but God considers me valuable and wants me to meet my potential. He sees value in me and is willing to spend time on me and with me. His commitment to me is 100% and I’m placing all my hope on that.

Remember that God don’t make junk and He’s helping me change. He’ll help you change too, if you will let him.

By Melinda Clements

Live by Design.


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