It’s just over five minutes since I found out today is Father’s day (Thank God for social media!).

We both know I’d be lying if I tried to be mushy or romanticize our relationship. We were never that. Your expression of love was typical of an African father raising his African son in the 80’s-90’s – measured doses of discipline, diligence and a constant reminder of what the family stood for. I look at myself today and I’m proud to say- you did an excellent job Sir!

Thank you for making us stand during morning prayers. Our sleepy little legs buckled and groaned for rest, but no, you taught us by that action, the importance of praying consciously.

Thank you for always taking us to weekly fellowship meetings. Those Thursday Bible study sessions (with the brown pamphlets) were my introduction to indepth biblical truths.

Thank you for the extended Saturday morning devotions. Those lengthy sermons from the book of Proverbs, peppered with relatable real-life illustrations were programming my tender mind to value wisdom, discretion and sound judgment.

Thank you for being a principled man.

Thank you for flogging us when it was necessary. Thank you for never flogging me again after Mama Lawrence lied that we broke her Mercedes Benz 230 radio antenna with our football games (for the record, we DIDN’T even play that day!)

Thank you for teaching us to respect people.

Thank you for buying books. And thank you for leaving your bedroom unlocked.

Thank you for the mini marriage seminars that started even before my undergraduate days (mehn, those were seminars indeed! Loll…). Like every great teacher, your wise words are still making sense long after the classes ended. And you know what? I’m certain you’ll be proud of your student when you eventually meet her.

Thank you for the heart-felt prayers that grew in intensity as our meetings became fewer and father between. I wouldn’t trade your Fatherly blessings for anything. In many ways, I’ve seen those words go ahead of me, carving out testimonies and attracting miracles I knew nothing about.

Thank you for treating us as adults as we grew into it. Thank you for acknowledging the changing dynamics and gracefully accepting your new role. Thanks for knowing when to command and when to consult.

I’d really like my kids to meet you (especially for some of those lengthy weekend devotions…loll). That means you’re not going anywhere soon.

I wish you a long and healthy life.

Happy Father’s Day Sir!



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  1. So toshing…reading this, I am so blessed and inspired to give to my family and kids great leadership, love, and guidiance..God bless your dad…
    Indeed, he has raised you a strong man…and we are grateful, cos we are the recipients of this….I pray that the Lord will raise godly men in our generation to rise and take their rightful place in their homes and in the nation


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