Facebook finally let me off the hook today. For the best part of two weeks, I’ve been hounded by reminders about Yemi’s birthday and a suggestion (who ask dem?) to create an event in honor of my friend and co-writer (wait. Am I even a ‘writer’?).

Don’t get me wrong, I did appreciate the daily reminders. I’m one of those people who’d remember your birthday two weeks…eight days….three days before…and the day after. How the D-day slips by is usually chalked up to a bad case of absent-mindedness. But with the likes of Facebook and smartphone calendars, I think I’ve been cured. Sort of.

So today is Yemi’s birthday. A slight smile still creeps up on me when I recall how we ‘met’. For those who like gist, here’s the summary.

In the months leading up to the start of Grow360, I was searching for young, gifted writers who were strong in areas I wouldn’t call my forte (things like fiction and lifestyle).

Enter J.
We met during youth service. J had this quiet, self-assured demeanor; you know, of someone who didn’t have to prove her abilities to anyone- just getting things done fusslessly (yeah, I made up that word).

I reached out to her and she graciously agreed to work with me. She took it a step further and introduced me to D.

Then D led me to Yemi.

Interestingly, my interactions with J and D have faded significantly but Yemi stuck. Why exactly? I cannot say. I guess you just ‘meet’ some people and ‘something’ just clicks.

All that was 3 years ago.

Today, I celebrate you, Mr. Adeyemi Onafuye. With all my heart, I pray that you’ll have your best year yet; that you’ll experience deep joy and solid growth in the expression of the treasures God deposited in you.

I pray that with every new day, you’ll find fresh courage to follow your highest dreams and never wait for anyone’s permission to succeed.
The world is filled with unrewarded genius. That will not be you, Yemi.
In closing this,  I can’t forget to mention that Grow360 is blessed to have you. Rest assured, beyond these days, greater matters await you.

You’ll most likely read this in the last few hours of your birthday but a crazy work schedule will not keep me from wishing you the best, brightest and most beautiful year yet.
Happy birthday Yemsco. Keep shining!


P.S: I saw the cake on Facebook. Hope it came from who where I hope it came from. *winks*


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