While others lounged (I like to think they were ‘lounging’) during the last three days (thanks to the extended public holidays), I was on the other end of the spectrum.

See, I had an assignment to deliver on and for some reason, I only found out about the deadline 48 hours to the time! I was shocked, angry (at myself) and challenged to see if I could crunch what should take 4-5 days of self-application into less than 2. More so, cash was involved and a slip up would involve forfeiting my money. That was the real pressure point.

I worked at a frantic pace, pushing myself to mental points that should not be experienced too often. Everything else took a backseat (including things that shouldn’t – nah, I’m not telling). Finally, I managed to squeeze in the finished work just in time. Pheeww!!! That was not fun.

Now detached from the whole incident, I realise that I could have produced a better output (not like my performance was shoddy but you know that thing about the biggest room in the world) without all the drama, if only I showed the discipline and presence of mind to work on that task every.single.day. A little here, a little there and all would have added up to a masterpiece.

And I’m concerned about how I, and other young people, approach life with a similar attitude. It’s unspoken, probably unintentional, but it shows.

It’s evident in the way we put off those things we know deep down inside we really should be doing.  How we lose track of  time life and oblige whatever offers to fill our hours. How we wait for friends, parents and society to point out the path we ‘ought to’ take. How we fall for the deception of youth and act like we have forever to come around and start applying ourselves to the stronger matters that tug at our souls on a consistent basis. You know, those thoughts that stare you in the face in the quiet moments.

Over the last 24 hours or so, a thought has been on my mind.

You only really have enough time to do what God has designed for you to do.

Think about that. What fills your days? What fills mine? Are we living true to our heart’s call or we’re still kicking the can down the road, daily fooled by the image we see in the mirror. No wrinkles.

I feel there’s a sense of urgency that should characterize our lives. No, not the type I narrated earlier. In fact, I’m talking about a sense of urgency that’s counterintuitive. Not the kind that drives you to squeeze in more activities into a grossly over-busy life (yeah, over-busy is a word). Far from it.

I’m talking about a sense of urgency that makes you do less– less of those things that devour your days yet hold no significance towards your ultimate destination.

This sense of urgency  leads you to say fewer, but stronger yeses to the most relevant issues of your soul.

With this sense of urgency, it’s not so much about the quantity and variety of actions, but the quality and relevance of each step.

There’s less fluff, less mindless dissipation of your mental/emotional/financial/relational resources. There’s more poise, more clarity, more consciousness and more power. Plus there’s more joy.

You do what counts and you do it well. There’s less dabbling. You commit and deliver heartily. There’s less pull in all directions. You have a sense of direction and regard for timing. This sense of urgency is a powerful way to live. It doesn’t drive you crazy – it births a new sense of calm, control and purposeful living.

If you cannot do it all, why not just do only what really counts?

I’m relearning this. And I hope you do too.

Live by Design.


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