In an ever busy world, we daily strive to make a living and generally move forward. Unfortunately, we get sucked into the hustle and bustle with no atmosphere to meditate or even speak with God which is the most critical part of our day.

Do you want to get into a deeper place of worship and prayer, and sometimes can’t seem to cut through tghe noise? Not to worry, we have great news for you! We present:

“The Worship Companion”!

It’s simply soulful, instrumental music crafted to provide you with the right ambience for connecting with God anywhere you go – at home, in traffic, at the office, before bedtime and all through the night. This is not a song, it’s an atmosphere of serenity. So, if you want to think, pray, read your bible, meditate, listen to the Holy Spirit or even sleep, this tool is for you. Track lasts 10 minutes and you can put it on repeat as you go through your day.

Produced by the amazing Rotimikeys, and featuring the anointed Nathaniel Bassey on the trumpet, Worship Companion is your soundtrack to peaceful communion with God daily.

And its free! Click on the link or the download button below.



Download Now

Grow360 comment: It’s  a beautiful companion indeed. We believe in the importance of preserving a ‘clean’ and clear mental atmosphere. The Worship Companion on replay on your headphones is a smart way to remind yourself to maintain an attitude of worship and gratitude even in the midst of a busy day. Highly recommended! Download and tell us what you think.

Live by Design.



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