“All matters are little- until a loose tongue gets involved”- ‘Poju Oyemade 

It started out as a simple request.

The bus conductor mildly appealed to the passengers to ‘adjust’ so he could take a break from standing.

All obliged- save one. He demanded to know exactly why the conductor had to sit, seeing that he and other commuters had paid for the right to (fully? permanently?) occupy the said row. A few insults, masked as unguarded jokes were exchanged. Each one retorted with half a laugh as they subtly competed to discover who’d have the last word.

With each new exchange, the words became more pointed, accompanied by less laughter. In less than five minutes, we had a full scale slanging match as both men pulled out the worst words they could muster, hurling insults back and forth.

All from an unguarded joke.

The entire episode was unnecessary; but each man felt the need to just speak. And with each seed of harsh words sown, a bumper harvest of even more toxic words returned.

Have you had those moments when immediately the words fell off your lips, you knew you shouldn’t have spoken at all? I know I have.

Our words are powerful, not just because they mirror who we are inside, but because of the impact they can have on another’s life.

Use your words to build others and yourself. Train yourself to restrain your tongue. More so, train yourself to restrain your thoughts- that’s the root. If you feel a nudge to not say something (no matter how clever or appropriate you think it is for the moment), keep quiet. It is better that we maintain the silence rather than defile it with unwholesome, ill-timed, unnecessary words. It’s interesting how minor issues disintegrate into a flood of verbal sewage, triggered by unnecessary words.

Words are tools and weapons. They can build or break, create or obliterate. Be strategic with your words. Deploy them with caution, with intent and with wisdom.

Of course, some of us are naturally given to speak more/less than others. Still, we want to make sure that our words carry weight when they’re uttered. And the way to do that is to weigh them before we speak. Think about it- if you want your words to carry (positive) weight, weigh then before you speak.

Discard the lies, exaggerations (just to sound more exciting) and flippant promises.

Your words are powerful. Use them to spread peace, confidence and joy everywhere you go.

Fools are undone by their big mouths; their souls are crushed by their words.

Proverbs 18:7 (The Message Bible) 

Cheers to a wise week!

Live by Design.

Image Credit: Tyler Nix on Unsplash



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