It’s August, the eight month of the year.

Seven months already and it feels like it was just yesterday we said Happy new year. It feels like the days passed in a blur and most persons are expectantly looking forward to next year. Already. But we need to go over the past few months and weigh our achievements in the balances.

At the beginning of the year, we had lots of goals and aspirations about various areas of our lives and because life now feels so fast, we’re probably so concerned about what’s ahead that we forget to look in the rear-view mirror.  So, I hope this blog makes you slow down a bit and re-evaluate your journey this year.

I hope that all our new year resolutions about our relationships, career, faith, finance, and passions are not lying in some book somewhere under the blanket of forgetfulness. That the hardships we met while trying to translate them from ink to reality didn’t weaken our resolve to do it differently;

that the rude shocks of what it really entailed has not caused us to abandon them;

that we have not sped back to our comfort zones because they are w familiar;

that the busyness of everyday life has not strangled our dreams;

that we are still pursuing our dreams with tenacity;

that those babies that dropped in your heart at the dawn of this year have not been aborted but are being carried to term.

Maybe any of these did happen to you along the way. Life threw a curved ball that left you clutching at the wind, trying to make sense of what happened. Maybe if you dared to face yourself, you’d admit that you did drop the ball and at some point, slipped into autopilot. Maybe that’s you- the one with the loud voices in your head, dreams not yet pursued screaming accusations by the minute; too pressured by the present to peek at the past or face the future.

If any of this describes you, be encouraged.  It may seem so far out, but you can make it. You can run. You can start. You can get back to winning ways. But you have to be conscious about it because the future doesn’t just happen. We create it. And this creation is only possible by intentional movements in the course of our days.

What were your biggest distractions in the past months? What fears kept you static? What changes do you have to make to stay on the right track or find your way back if you derailed?  Make them. That’s the only place to start- exactly where you are today.

My tribe has an adage that says “If a child grows and refuses to ask what killed his father, chances are that what killed his father will cause his own death too”Until we are bold (and sometimes ‘slow’) enough to evaluate the past, the future we crave may just wind up being a collection of recycled yesterdays.


Live by Design.

Image Credit: Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash


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