It’s 19 days to the end of the year. Think about that. In less than three weeks, we’d say goodbye to 2016-forever.

As expected, two streams of activities dominate this time of the year-celebrations and reflections. For some, 2016 has been THE year- an absolute blast that should be repeated if possible. It’s been that good. For others, it could have been better. Way better. Maybe it started well but life happened and plans got derailed. For most of us however, we’re somewhere between these extremes. 

Tonight, there’s a thought running through my mind and I’d like to discuss it with you. You see, there’s this little deception that has crept up on us and I think it doesn’t help us in any way. It’s the illusion of a “new year”. What do I mean? See, at the end of the year, many of us tend to fall into this place of mentally shutting down on ourselves, plans and goals. The sights and sounds of Christmas and everything else around subconsciously tell us to wind down, kick back and just do nothing chill. I’d get it if we were actually taking this time out to plan for the new year (and by ‘plan’, I mean well-reasoned and documented action points with clear timelines) but for the most parts, most of us are simply coasting along the final stretch. We pack it all in, lock up shop and decide to just wait out the last few days of the year, promising ourselves that we would start all over again come January 1. And I’m wondering, why wait for January 1? No,  really, think about it-why wait? If you know what you should be doing differently in 2017, why not start doing it today?

Why spend one more day in that unpleasant state, hoping to suddenly snap out of it because the calendar changed? What’s the delay for? To further establish ourselves in self-defeating habits and attitudes? To sink further into lethargy and let inertia run all over us? What exactly will be different between now and when the clock strikes midnight in 19 days? As fireworks light up the sky and the hugs and laughter make the rounds, what REALLY would be different?  What could go wrong if we start making the adjustments right this minute so that the new year meets us in a flow of new behavior? In simple terms, what EXACTLY are we waiting for that demands we do nothing towards our new goals UNTIL January 1?

Truthfully, nothing. I’m waiting on nothing. What about you?

You know what? Let’s call it what it is – the practice of waiting for January 1 to get on with what we know we must do is our way of letting ourselves stay in a lazy place. It’s our way of yielding to that internal resistance we feel whenever we choose to change something in our lives. The wait doesn’t prepare us. It deflates us. It sucks out our hunger. It makes it easier to just go on doing nothing. And that my friend, is the perfect recipe for having another same ol’, same ol’ year.

So what are those plans you have for 2017? Start today. Yes,  I mean this very day. Let 2017 meet you already on your way to your new destination. Know why?Because an outstanding 2017 will not depend on what the new year brings to us- but what we take into it.

Get going already.

Live by Design. 

Image Credit: Chuttersnap on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “WHY WAIT FOR JANUARY 1?

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  1. “Because an outstanding 2017 will not depend on what the new year brings to us- but what we take into it.” couldn’t have said it better. Thanks


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