I miss Warri.

That small, yet lively town in Southern Nigeria, built on the back of the oil industry holds mixed memories of the better part of my first two decades.

Besides the unique attitudes of wafarians, I think the language was the most colourful and endearing aspect of life in Wafi, at least for me. The endless repertoire of slangs, pithy phrases and punchlines convey local wisdom in ways the english language could never match- volumes of ageless intelligence, condensed into cheeky one-liners and deep truths are passed on, wrapped in swathes of humor.

Today’s post title is one of such phrases.

Belle nor be show-glass was our way of reminding others and ourselves to look beyond the facade of appearances; that people could be dying with a smile on their face and a power suit on their backs, that beneath what the eyes see, elaborate dramas are playing out in people’s souls and therefore (bad grammar, I know), it is wisdom to give people a break, to permit their humanity and let them drink water, drop cup.

No one is above life’s upheavals. It comes to us all, in different shades, shapes and forms, everyone you meet is going through something. Not necessarily in a negative sense. It’s just life.

So as you go through your days, ticking off the boxes on your to-do list, remember to stop long enough, to set aside the phone, to ask “how are you?” and truly mean it, to spot that colleague who needs a word of encouragement- and give it, to remember loved ones in prayer, to lend a hand when you can, to help that stranger and forgive estranged friends.

So remember to help,

remember to care,

remember to stop and really check

even when they say all is well.

Be open to being a helper,

even when their grass looks greener,

because bros, remember,

belle nor be show-glass. 

Live by Design.

Image Credit: Andre Hunter on Unsplash


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