I remember the first time I saw her.

She was this cute tiny baby-person who’d come into the world just hours earlier. I remember the joy as I peered through the net, watching her delicate chest rise and drop with each breath. I was deeply moved. Parents describe the first sight of their baby as a life-altering experience. Trust me, they aren’t lying. I felt it. And I wasn’t even a parent yet! My family had just been blessed with our first grandchild and I’d just become a bona fide uncle.

Strong emotions surged through my soul as I watched my niece asleep in her little cot. At that moment, I swear I could have done anything for her. Absolutely anything. Her utter helplessness triggered massive compassion from me and I felt I could stand up against an entire army all by myself and give my life to defend her. It was that strong.

And this morning, as I reflect on that memory, I think about another love- specifically my Heavenly Father’s love.

You know those feelings I just talked about? They’re nothing compared to how he feels about us. His compassion is way stronger than any human can exude. His love reaches deeper, lasts longer, goes further than anything you and I can articulate or imagine. Have you thought about it lately?

Two quick thoughts I want to leave with you today about this love.

He only starts what he’s finished- including you.

Oh the thought makes me want to ssssccccrrreeeeaaammm!!! (I think I just did). Don’t you get it? God starts nothing until he has settled how it should end. Where do you think humans got the concept of a blueprint? On a blueprint, every wall, floor, fixture or door is planned and concluded before heading to the building site. Wouldn’t you consider a property developer incompetent (and homicidal!) if he tried to figure out each part of the building as they go along?

Let’s unpack that thought.

You expect a fallible human to detail out plans for his projects before moving to execution.  It makes complete sense to expect that, doesn’t it? So why would you expect any less of God? Why on earth would you think he’d let you show up here without a plan for you? Why would you think that your existence somehow caught him unawares and he’s now trying to figure out what to do with you as the days go by? Do you think so little of him, so little of His love for you? I am challenging you today to challenge your subconscious perception of God.

Daddies know that when mummy gets pregnant, there’s a set date for her to deliver. To be in shock when the little angel pops out in the ninth month would seem a joke. To have made no provision, no baby clothes, no cot and the like reeks of nauseating irresponsibility. You’d call that ill-prepared man a bad father.

Could that be how you subconsciously view God as well?

I guess you’d disagree but let’s look at this together. Tell me something. If you r-e-a-l-l-y think that God is not so irresponsible he has no plans for you, his baby, why are you choked with so much worry and anxiety today? Why are you so scared about your future? If you’re sure He’s got this, why are you still fretting? It doesn’t add up, does it?

Maybe you need to reevaluate your idea of the Father’s love. For you. He’s got your back, your side and all the way around. He’s not a straight-faced, square-jawed guy up in the sky. He’s full of love and compassion- for you. So chill. He has it all worked out. You only need to see what he has in store for you. And guess what?  He’s all pumped up about sharing that with you as well!

Oh yes, I promised two thoughts but I have to run now. I’ve rambled on much longer than I envisaged. How about we get into the second thought tomorrow? But as you go on today, how about you take some time to really think about God’s love for you and see just how much your daily actions and attitudes reflect trust in that love and make adjustments where your actions are betraying your beliefs.

See you tomorrow.

Live by Design. 

Image Credit: Frank McKenna on Unsplash


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