This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.


A few years ago, I had come in a dire need of something, I prayed about it and God had given me specific promises concerning it. I prayed it, spoke it, meditated on it but nothing seemingly changed. After a few months, things had deteriorated and the acute pain had dulled to a manageable ache. I was learning to live without it and be happy, and one of those days as I rounded up my devotion and tried to flip my bible close, it opened to one of those promises God had given me a few months earlier, and I broke into a mirthless laugh. It sounded almost impossible at that point of my life and I dared not hope because I could still see the carcasses of hope that had been strangled by reality.

After a few seconds, the Holy spirit whispered “That’s very Sarah-like of you” and somehow I could see my life through the lenses of Sarah’s life. God had promised the Abrahams a child for over two decades and hope had soared in their hearts but years and years had passed and the child had not come. Sarah had been mocked and derided over being barren, had given her slave girl to her husband and watched the younger woman’s eye fill with disdain as her womb swelled with Abraham’s son. I think the last ebb of hope she had died at that moment and she had learned to live accepting the “barren woman” title and probably got labelled a vicious, vindictive witch who had eaten all her unborn children when she turned away Hagar and her young son. The worst had obviously happened, After all how bad could it get and so there was no need to trust. Trust makes you vulnerable, checking every sign to know if the promise has been delivered.

So there are moments when God is late by our own timing and we want to rush God or make Him conform to our plans and schedules but God is good at being God. Let me reiterate GOD IS GOOD AT BEING GOD and he makes all things beautiful in His time. The promise is God’s signature on the future he wants to give you, He will deliver it to you just in time.

This blog is to remind you that God is not slack about his promises, it may delay but it will come at the right time. The difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly is time, the difference between the present and the future is time but the difference between your present and the future God intends for you is Faith, a blind trust in the fact that God will come through for you.

Live by Design.

Image Credit: Sanah Suvarna on Unsplash


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