Here’s to the settlers
Those who stopped long enough to consider
Who weren’t fooled by poor first impressions
In our unmasked faces, they found priceless treasures

Here’s to the settlers
Who saw diamonds in the rough
Who knew the process would be oh so tough
Who chose to be a friend
To stick around long after the end

Here’s to the settlers
Who met us in our mess
Who knew their worth and no bit less
And endured the pain of our process
The bloody gouging of our weakness
The painful chisel marks that made us men

Here’s to the settlers
Who knew no roots grow in motion
Who showed love, faith and deep devotion,
Who saw our cracks and called us Boo
Who weren’t too blind to know they had cracks too

Here’s to the settlers
Who reckoned we weren’t already made
Who saw the price yet dared to pay
Who cheered us on through the fire
And lingered to wash our burn marks

To everyone who’s helped another grow
To everyone who’s nurtured a soul
To everyone who helped us get this far
We raise a glass- you made us who we are

Here’s to the settlers,
Cheers, to the settlers.

-Ik-Hide, 2017

Live by Design.

Image Credit: Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash



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  1. This is a beautiful piece. Every line deep with meaning, it’s not an abstract piece as I could relate every stanza with my life.
    Cheers to the settlers! God bless them all for believing in me, us.

    Liked by 1 person

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