Gregg tries to open up to Keysa, but her response catches him off-guard. Could this mark his return to a dark place? The gripping story continues!



Catch up on Previous Episodes right here. ************************* I planned to assign Gregg a book reading during his next session. It was time he learnt about love. I was scrolling through Google search results for “Best Love Books” when my secretary jumped into my office. The broad grin on her face told me there was... Continue Reading →


Gregg rarely spoke with his brothers. His mother always called and was eager to visit. She wanted to know that he was doing well in the hustle of the city. She had changed, Gregg always said to himself after a phone conversation with her. The mother of his childhood would have been sure that the... Continue Reading →


Gregg returns in Season 02 of this gripping series! Missed any episode in Season 01? Catch up right here. Enjoy! ********************** "The third time was the first time I killed a human being. It was another girl from my class at school that I took a liking to. I wrote love letters to her like we... Continue Reading →


PREVIOUSLY ON UNFINISHED BUSINESS (Click here to see Episodes 01-04) *********************************************** The envelope tucked under Keysa’s door caught her attention from a distance. She walked up to it and gracefully bent over to retrieve the letter. Whoever addressed it had a beautiful handwriting, she thought as her mind calculated the likely surprise that awaited. She opened... Continue Reading →


Catch up on  EPISODES 01 - 03 right here. ************************************************ It was worrying the very instance she saw them walk past her desk, out of the building. She took a second look at Gregg; not for the reasons she took second looks, but because he was a different person in that conversation with Keysa. Later,... Continue Reading →


What?! You missed the first two episodes? Where did you go? Alright, alright, alright. Catch up on the first two episodes by clicking on EPISODE 01 and EPISODE 02. Don't worry, we'll wait for you. ************************************************** "I was 13 the first time. And I only watched." "She was drugged. She'd eaten my brother's famous, or... Continue Reading →

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