It's so important HOW you start your day. Here a few tips to help jump-start your morning.



If you don't like where you are, you are only one thought away from turning towards the life you deserve Author unknown You remember Issac Newton right? He was quite a regular name in your¬†secondary school physics classes. Remember when you learned about the force of gravity? He showed up and explained why a fruit... Continue Reading →

To Fellow ‘Tube Watchers’ – And Everyone Else Out There

You know those jokes about couples who fight over toothpaste tubes? How one partner could not stand the sight of a tube pressed anywhere but from the base? I was one of those people. I'm not married but I recall being irritated by mangled toothpaste tubes, pressed abusively by other family members. Being the last... Continue Reading →

By Their Suits, You Shall (Not) Know Them

Have you ever noticed how nice guys look in church? Sure, some 'brodas' could use a fashion lesson or two, but for the most part on Sundays, guys around me completely kill it fashion-wise. Wickedly fitting shirts and blazers, pants hanging right in all the right places (who said only ladies can ¬†accentuate physical features... Continue Reading →

Do Our Dance Moves In Church Say Anything About Us?

Hey guys! How's your day been? Hope you had a meaningful time in church? (I'm assuming you attended - hope you did). I've got a question for you today. Do you look around when you're in church? Or are you one of those who lock in on proceedings, barely stealing a glance at the person... Continue Reading →

Commanding Respect As A Youth #3

Hey, How are you today? Hope your week has been good so far. I'm deeply sorry this post is coming a few days late. Life happened. Thanks for your mercy. Alright then, now that we're best friends again, let's make some progress. Over the last two weeks, we've considered two very important attitudes/traits that ensure... Continue Reading →

Diary Of A Busy Youth…

Diary Entry. It's 5:49am as I write this. And that means only one thing - this morning will go just like the five others before it - a hurried preparation to leave for work without so much as a decent prayer time let alone word study. Another frantic day? Oh please, not again. As soon... Continue Reading →

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