Grow360 stands on 5 Core Values- V.E.D.A.C

V: Visionary Living. We believe every young person has a definite purpose and calling in life; and the discovery and energetic pursuit along that path brings life’s highest levels of reward, deepest levels of fulfillment and strongest sense of inner peace and wholeness. We can be anything, we can’t be everything. But we can be all we’re designed to be.


E: Excellence. In all areas. God’s grand design for life is that we become the premium version of ourselves by always seeking to be the best we can possibly be in all that we are and do. At Grow360, we celebrate excellence as a journey: the highs, the not-so-highs, the little steps forward, the minor adjustments and everything else that unveils the masterpiece that we really are inside.


D: Discipline.Yes, while it is true that we live in a time of high-level nonchalance, where very few young people are able to place binding laws on themselves, we’re convinced that the best version of ourselves can only be born when we embrace discipline. At Grow360, we see discipline, not as a lifestyle of boredom and uninteresting compulsion but as one of the secrets for the insanely successful life.


A: Action. The world is ruined, not by bad people, but by good folks who stand aside and do nothing- or too little. We love good intentions, but we deeply respect bold and decisive action. We celebrate potentials; but much more than that, we recognize performance. We believe in daring to take risks. Grow360 challenges and inspires young people everywhere to take dogged and determined actions right in the face of fear and uncertainty.

Our driving force is to see the rise of a new breed of youths who possess a strong sense of clarity, personal character and enough courage to step off the popular path (if that’s what it takes- and it usually does) and live their dreams.  Ultimately, we believe that by taking daring steps, we discover what we’re capable of and live the zero-reasons-to-regret life.


C: Community. Lasting change thrives in the right atmosphere. When we get around the right people, our convictions are strengthened, dreams are expanded, complacency is killed and high-value partnerships and connections are forged. Grow360 has chosen to be the hub for like-minded, unashamedly God-driven, vision-chasing young people to meet and build networks that really work.


On these 5 pillars: Visionary Living, Excellence, Discipline, Action and Community, we are convinced that just about anyone can live by design and become the very best version of themselves.