Don’t Restart!

The day was August 19 and the man was Yohann Diniz, the world record holder for the 50km walk race. As the sun blazed overhead, Yohann held a comfortable lead and a gold medal seemed imminent. Suddenly, the cameras caught Diniz struggling, his belaboured steps and the blood trickling down the back of his thigh … Continue reading Don’t Restart!


It’s August, the eight month of the year. Seven months already and it feels like it was just yesterday we said Happy new year. It feels like the days passed in a blur and most persons are expectantly looking forward to next year. Already. But we need to go over the past few months and … Continue reading Re.flect

Lessons of the Loose Tongue

"All matters are little- until a loose tongue gets involved"- 'Poju Oyemade  It started out as a simple request. The bus conductor mildly appealed to the passengers to 'adjust' so he could take a break from standing. All obliged- save one. He demanded to know exactly why the conductor had to sit, seeing that he and … Continue reading Lessons of the Loose Tongue